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The Fighter Goku Black is one of the Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He is unlocked by default, and an alternate evil version of Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragonball Series.

Ease of Use

Goku Black is a moderately well rounded character with a little more tricks up his sleeve compared to somebody like Goku or Vegeta. If Goku was the Ryu of this game, then Goku Black would be the Evil Ryu. And yes, while Ryu and Evil Ryu do share a lot of the same traits, much like Goku and Goku Black do, they are still extremely different in terms of gameplay.


Goku Black excels more at a longer range, whereas Goku wants to be in a little closer for his neutral. However, Black does still have ways to deal with his opponent if they get in to close, just as Goku has ways of dealing with his opponent if they get too far away from his range. Players who will do well with Goku Black are players who have a very strong combination of neutral game and mixups.

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Special Moves
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Special Move List

The following moves are classified special moves, read on to learn tips on how to use them effectively.

God Slicer


Goku Black dives forward shooting out a number of ki blasts from one hand before stabbing forward with the other hand. This is a great move for advancing and for ending your aerial strings. The light version shoots out 1 Ki blast and comes out faster, and the medium version shoots out 4 and comes out slower.

The EX version is a combination of the 2, coming out faster, and shooting a higher number of Ki Blasts. If you are close enough to the wall, this move will cause a wall bounce after an aerial string, so use this to extend your combos.

Instant Transmission


Goku Black’s main mix up tool. This is a teleport that is typically going to be better in neutral than his natural teleport for a couple of reasons. The light and medium versions are completely free and put you in front of the opponent, and the EX version puts you behind the opponent, just as a natural teleport would.

However, unlike a natural teleport, you can do whatever you want out of this, and it puts you in the air, allowing for VERY fast overheads that are safe on block. Experiment with this move to find out how it works best for you.


Fierce God Kick

QCB+ATK (While in the Air)

A standard high priority dive kick. You can use this for approaching, as it will mix up your opponent’s anti air timing, and will be harder to anti air in general. This move is very hard to combo off of naturally (without meter or assists), so just keep that in mind. The medium version goes more horizontally than the light, and the EX version will come out faster than the medium, but with that angle. The medium and EX versions will slide the opponent along the ground, allowing for great corner carry.

Black Kamehameha


A standard Kamehameha wave that functions exactly like Goku’s. This is useful for keeping your opponent in check and for conditioning your opponent for your Binding Black Kamehameha.

Binding Black Kamehameha


This is a phenomenally dirty move. The startup for this move looks exactly like the Black Kamehameha, however, instead of firing the move, Zamasu appears behind the opponent and grabs them. Afterwards Black fires the kamehameha, and this time it can’t be blocked since you are being held by Zamasu.

This move is amazing for forcing your opponents to take a more active approach to fighting, which can make them make mistakes. Throw this into your neutral game once you have conditioned them to block your Kamehameha, and they will think twice about just sitting around blocking.

Super Move List

The following moves are classified as Super Moves, read on to learn tips on how to use them effectively.


God Slicer Dance (1 Bar)


Goku Black’s most usable level 1. This super is usable both in the air and on the ground, which makes it very easy to use and to combo into. Black conjures up a ki sword and swings it forward, sending 18 tiny ki needles forward at the opponent, before making them explode.

This super does decent damage, but can be slightly inconsistent. The reason for this is some of the needles can actually miss if your spacing or timing is off, which causes this super to do much less damage than it would otherwise, so keep that in mind when comboing into it.

Holy Light Grenade (1 Bar)


Goku Black’s other level 1 super. This super does a little more damage than the God Slicer Dance by itself, but it is only a single hit, so it will do less damage in longer combos, so the decision as to what super to use, comes down to where you want to use it in a combo. This move, unlike God Slicer Dance will also always do the same amount of damage and you don't need to worry about timing it perfectly, like you do with God Slicer Dance. This super has Goku Black and Zamasu coming together to throw a spirit bomb like ki ball down onto the opponent.

The Work of a God (3 Bars)

QCB+Light+Medium(DR) or SP+Heavy(SD)

Goku Black’s only level 3. This is a pretty standard level 3 that is going to be your go to damage ender after combos. Black summons a Ki Scythe and swings it at the opponent, upcon connecting with the move, multiple copies of Black will appear and will perform a very over the top series of strikes, before slamming then back down to the original black, who will perform a final scythe slash, sending the opponent flying into the wall.

This super can also be used in the air, like all of his supers, which makes building combos extremely easy as you don’t have to worry about which of your supers is usable at what state. Like all level 3s, this has some invincibility on startup, so you CAN use it to get out of pressure if needed.

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