Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (2024)

Get ready to make the most of May with incredible Instant Savings at Sam’s Club! Enjoy up to $9,200 in Sam’s Club summer-ready offers starting from May 1st through June 2nd. Whether you’re gearing up for outdoor adventures or refreshing your home, this is your chance to save big on everything you need for the season ahead.

And that’s not all! Sam’s Club has got an exclusive offer for you to take advantage of like never before. For a limited time, sign up and receive a whopping 50% off your Sam’s Club membership fee, and enjoy the Sam’s Club Membership Plus for $75 only upon signup. Dive into the perks of Sam’s Club Membership and Membership Plus to elevate your Sam’s Club May instant Savings shopping experience with even more savings and benefits.

Explore below and treat yourself to the best of Sam’s Club savings this May:

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 128 GB + Pencil

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (2)

Was: $1173

Now: $1,098

Unleash your creativity with the brilliant 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display featuring ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color. The powerful M2 chip with 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU delivers unrivaled performance for all your tasks. Go further with all-day battery life and the precision of the included Apple Pencil.

Altec Lansing Mix 2.0 Everythingproof Bluetooth Party Speaker

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (3)

Was: $99

Now: $79

Light up your music with 5 LED illuminating modes that beat, strobe, and pulse to your tunes. Enjoy powerful sound on the go with the attached handle and 20-hour battery life. Keep your devices charged via USB while wirelessly streaming music from up to 100 feet away.

Philips 65” Class 4k QLED UltraHD Roku Smart TV

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (4)

Was: $499

Now: $399

Immerse yourself in stunning QLED visuals with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos. Enjoy endless entertainment on the Roku platform with seamless smart home integration. Experience smooth motion clarity and sophisticated design in one package.

Dustin Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (5)

Was: $599

Now: $219

Experience advanced cleaning with Quantum SLAM Navigation and powerful TurboLift® suction. Enjoy privacy protection, a large 100-day container, and wet mopping capabilities. Customize your cleaning experience with the app, voice control, and a 24-month warranty for unbreakable confidence.

Kristen Fabric Reversible Sectional and Storage Ottoman

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (6)

Was: $899

Now: $699

Enjoy comfort and versatility with this 3-piece set, featuring a reversible sectional and storage ottoman. The durable polyester upholstery, high-density foam cushions, and easy-to-clean design make this a practical choice for any living space. Adjust the sectional configuration to suit your needs and store essentials in the ottoman for a clutter-free room.

Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect Premium XL Outdoor Grill & Smoker

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (7)

Was: $399.98

Now: $319.98

Elevate your outdoor cooking with this versatile 7-in-1 grill, featuring a spacious 180-sq-in nonstick grate. The weather-resistant design allows for year-round use, while the Ninja Pro Connect™ app provides ultimate control. Enjoy a range of accessories and a 1-year limited warranty for a complete grilling experience.

Emeril Lagasse Stainless Steel 10-in-1 French Door AirFryer

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (8)

Was: $179.98

Now: $139.98

Experience versatile cooking with this 10-in-1 multi-function air fryer oven, boasting 24 cooking functions and an XL 26-qt. capacity. Enjoy healthier meals with up to 80% fewer calories from fat, while the easy-to-read LED display and toast shade selector provide convenience. With its 3 cooking levels, this air fryer oven is a must-have for any kitchen.

Ninja NeverStick Premium Cool Touch 14-Piece Cookware Set

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (9)

Was: $219.98

Now: $179.98

Upgrade your kitchen with this premium, dishwasher-safe cookware set. Enjoy the performance of stainless steel with the convenience of nonstick, backed by Ninja’s 10-year guarantee. Oven-safe handles and coating up to 400°F make this set perfect for all your cooking needs, compatible with gas, electric, glass ceramic, and induction ranges.

VIZIO 5.1 V-Series Home Theater Sound Bar

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (10)

Was: $199

Now: $159

Immerse yourself in captivating surround sound with the VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar. Enjoy crystal-clear dialogue from the dedicated center channel, deep bass from the wireless subwoofer, and virtualized 3D sound with DTS Virtual:X. Easily control your voice assistant devices through the sound bar for an all-in-one home theater experience.

Shark Rocket Pro Corded Stick Vacuum with Odor Neutralizer Technology

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (11)

Was: $159

Now: $119

Experience powerful cleaning with this lightweight, easy-to-maneuver vacuum weighing less than 10 pounds. The XL-capacity dust cup and 500-watt motor provide extended cleaning sessions, while the Odor Neutralizer Technology ensures a fresh-smelling home. Enjoy peace of mind with the included 5-year limited warranty.

Save Big At Sam’s Club Today

Need help selecting what to save in the Sam’s Club Instant Savings? Discover the top picks that shoppers are raving about during this event! From outdoor essentials to home upgrades, these deals are too good to miss. Don’t miss out on these and other amazing deals from Sam’s Club this May!

Grab up to $9200 in Instant Savings from Sam’s Club (2024)


How do I get instant savings at Sam's? ›

Sign in to your account to view Instant Savings activity and offers. You can also view using the Mobile app. With Instant Savings, there's no need to cut or keep up with coupons or vouchers; the discount is automatically applied at checkout when you purchase ISB items during promo dates.

Does Sam's Club have instant savings in April 2024? ›

Compare Before Buying reports that Sam's Club offers its members up to $9,800 in instant savings throughout April 2024, ending on April 7th.

Do you actually save money by shopping at Sam's Club? ›

You'll find a world of discounts at Sam's Club compared to big-box retailers like Walmart. But the true savings tend to arise in the context of bulk purchases. The quantity discounts you can get at Sam's Club are really hard to beat.

What is tech savings at Sam's Club? ›

Tech Savings includes vendor national promotions where the savings reflects a discount from the suggested retail price provided by the manufacturer or supplier. Eligible categories include Technology, Office and Entertainment and those categories that have higher priced items that also plug in.

Did Sam's Club get rid of instant savings? ›

Currently, the Instant Savings program is available in all U.S. Sam's Club locations excluding Puerto Rico, and offers are subject to Club availability. Do I need to be a Sam's Club Member to receive Instant Savings?

Why am I not getting Sam's cash? ›

Only qualifying purchases made by the primary member or the complimentary household cardholder in a Sam's Club location in the United States earn Sam's Cash. Sam's Club add-on members do not qualify to earn 2% Sam's Cash for themselves or for their primary member.

What is the best day to shop at Sam's Club? ›

Best Days To Shop at Sam's Club: Tuesday and Wednesday

Plus, the aisles will be less obstructed and the shelves will be lined with stock. More than that, weekdays — especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays — are also when customers are more likely to find the best deals on fresh, high-quality food.

Which is cheaper, Sam's or Costco? ›

Costco's membership fees are more expensive and the prices of basic products at Sam's Club are generally cheaper. Costco has more stores worldwide, but Sam's Club has more stores in the U.S. Costco has a larger store foot print in terms of total square footage.

Is it cheaper to shop at Sams than Walmart? ›

Sam's Club wins the price comparison battle, but with some important caveats. The warehouse store typically sells items in bulk or, at the very least, in larger sizes than you would find in a typical package at a regular retail store like Walmart.

Is having a Sam's Club membership worth it? ›

Sam's Club Plus members can rack up to $500 in cash rewards

Plus members get 2% back in Sam's Cash on qualifying pre-tax purchases for up to $500 a year. So, if you spend at least $2,500 at Sam's Club in your first year, your Sam's Club Plus membership will pay for itself in full.

What are the changes coming to Sam's Club? ›

Get ready for a new way to leave with your bargain items thanks to an artificial intelligence-powered scan of your shopping cart as you head out the door. The Walmart-owned membership warehouse club has announced that it's getting rid of the practice of checking physical receipts at the door by employees.

How much do you have to spend at Sam's Club to get free shipping? ›

Sam's Club not only helps you save money on contacts, but we help you out on shipping, too! Every U.S. order over $45 is shipped for free!

Does Sam's Club use Instapay? ›

Who can use Instapay? Most Walmart associates in the United States. * This includes both hourly and salary associates, as well as all associates in Walmart, Sam's Club, logistics, home office, and other locations.

How do you get the 45 dollars from Sam's Club? ›

The warehouse club is offering new members a $45 credit to use on your first Sam's Club purchase (made within 60 days of joining) when they sign up for an annual fee of $45.

How do you get cash rewards from Sam's Club? ›

You can earn Sam's Cash by making qualifying purchases through your Plus membership, the Sam's Club Mastercard, the Bonus Offers Program, and other opportunities as they become available. Once you've earned it, you can see it as “pending” in the Sam's Cash Dashboard.

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