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Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble fonds

CA F826 · Fonds · 1999-2008, n.d.

Michael Eagan fonds

CA F812 · Fonds · 1971-2017

The Michael Eagan fonds predominantly contains set and costume drawings, technical drawings, and painted set designs/maquettes/elevations for productions at various Canadian and international theatres. Some materials related to unproduced plays and a film are also included. Other materials include photographs, correspondence, house programs, reviews, clippings, and calendars and appointment books belonging to Michael Eagan.

Eagan, Michael

Ramon Hathorn collection

CA F767 · Fonds · 1879-2001

English, French or German. Title taken from contents of the collection. Mostly photocopies Includes articles written by Samuel Morgan Powell for the Montreal Star (1913-1961); research and writings of R. Hathorn related to his book "Our Lady of the Snows : Sarah Bernhardt in Canada"; articles and papers on Sarah Bernhardt written by R. Hathorn and others; S. Bernhardt's North American, Canadian and European tours and itineries with related various newspaper articles (1879-1918); other people's research and writings on S. Bernardt; biographical material, newspaper and journal articles and obituary of S. Bernardt; essays and excerpts from various books on theatre and its evolution; small posters, sketches, caricatures, and paintings of S. Bernhardt; slides of early Quebec scenes, posters, theatres, productions, sets, puppets, and portraits of her; photographs of posters featuring S. Bernardt, and her grave and tombstone; postcards, stamps, CBC videotape on S. Bernhardt by Zoe Caldwell (1976); S. Bernhardt correspondence and playbills; information related to the University of Guelph Conference (1977) and Bernhardt Exposition in Paris (2000).

Guillermo Verdecchia collection

CA F765 · Fonds · 1982-2005

Scripts, reviews and articles, correspondence, essay, photos and personal documents belonging to playwright, director, translator and actor, Guillermo Verdecchia, 1982-2005. Finding aid. Guillermo Verdecchia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1962 and came to Canada at the age of two. He grew up in Kitchener, Ontario, and studied theatre at Ryerson Polytechnic in Toronto. As an actor, he found himself typecast as a threatening "outsider" -- a bandito or Hispanic heavy. In his plays he explores the repercussions of displacement, and the possibility of creating a new mental geography which crosses racial and national borders. In 1989 he won the Chalmers Award for i.d., co-written with members of Canadian Stage Hours Co. In 1990 he wrote The Noam Chomsky Lectures with Daniel Brooks, for which he won another Chalmers Award. In 1993 his one-man show, Fronteras Americanas, premiered at the Tarragon Theatre's Extra Space. Fronteras Americanas won a Chalmers Awards and a Governor General's Awards.

Miscellaneous Theatre Archival Materials

CA F604 · Fonds

Eugene Benson fonds

CA F603 · Fonds · 1915-2012

The Eugene Benson fonds contains Benson's personal library, which includes 68 first editions with signed dedications by Margaret Atwood, Timothy Findley, and others. Draft editions and working copies of creative works by Benson, as well as photographs, house and conference programs, correspondence relating to Benson's editorship of scholarly works, and newspaper clippings reflecting his political and social activism, are also included.

Benson, Eugene

Svetlana Zylin fonds

CA F602 · Fonds · 1973-2001

Fonds consists of scripts, reviews and articles, correspondence, photographs and other material relating to her life and career as an artistic director, dramaturge, producer, playwright, performer and administrator, 1973-2001.

Zylin, Svetlana

William Hutt fonds

CA F600 · Fonds · 1910 - 2007

Fonds consist of materials created and collected by William Hutt in his personal life and professional career. Approximately half the material includes correspondence, reviews and articles, Hutt’s diary from the Second World War and scripts. Published plays served as Hutt’s rehearsal scripts and feature his annotations.

Hutt, William

Toronto Workshop Productions fonds

CA F599 · Fonds · 1959-1990

Contains scripts, posters, programs, administrative files, and other material,1959-1990. Series have been established for House programs (XZ1 MS A900), Reviews and articles (XZ1 MS A901), Production photos (XZ1 MS A902), Company portraits (XZ1 MS A903), Performance files (XZ1 MS A905), Audio-visuals (XZ1 MS A907), Promotional material (XZ1 MS A909), Board of Directors administrative files (XZ1 MS A910), and Scrapbooks (XZ1 MS A913).

Toronto Workshop Productions

Information object browse - University of Guelph Library Archival and Special Collections (2024)


How do I find archival collections? ›

Talk to a reference librarian at your local library about accessing the WorldCat database, which includes listings for archival materials stored in libraries all over the world.
  1. Check Archive Finder at ...
  2. Check ArchiveGrid at

What is the name of the library in the University of Guelph? ›

The main campus library in Guelph is "McLaughlin Library."

How do I search online archives? ›

Wayback Machine Search

To search for websites on the Wayback Machine, enter the specific URL of the website into the search bar and select Search archived websites in the drop-down. Alternatively, click on the Web icon on the upper left side of the black bar. Enter the correct URL into the Wayback Machine search bar.

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What is the biggest University Library? ›

25 largest research libraries by volumes held
1Harvard LibraryHarvard University
2University of Michigan LibraryUniversity of Michigan
3Yale University LibraryYale University
4University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign University LibraryUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
21 more rows

When was McLaughlin Library built in Guelph? ›

The library first opened in 1968, at a cost of $8,175,000; $1 million of which was donated by Robert Samuel McLaughlin (1871-1972), a pioneer Canadian car manufacturer and philanthropist. His portrait hangs on the right side wall after coming through the main entrance.

Does UC have a library? ›

UC has three libraries on campus - the Central, EPS, and Macmillan Brown. Most of our resources are available online but we also have significant physical collections. As well as resources, our libraries provide study spaces and a range of facilities.

What is the website that shows archives? ›

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  • Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is the go-to source for finding old web pages. ...
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  • Memento Time Travel.
May 21, 2024

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What is the archives directory for the history of collecting? ›

The Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America was developed by the Frick's Center for the History of Collecting to guide art researchers to primary source material about American collectors and those who assisted in forming their collections.

Can you search national archives online? ›

The catalog allows you to search all of the catalog records and authority files from the online catalog, records from the Electronic Records Archives (ERA), and all of the web pages from and the Presidential Libraries. The system illustrates a streamlined search experience for users.

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