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[12 September, 779 Age. North Kai Planet.]

“After everything that happened with Lord Beerus, I would think you would take it easy for a while. But noooo, you just keep trying to borrow more trouble, don’t you?”

“Aw, come on, King Kai, it’s not like fighting Lord Beerus caused that much harm. I mean, we stayed out of the city and he was nice enough to spare the Earth, right?”

“Are you forgetting that you challenged him on my planet, Goku? You were so eager to fight him, but you couldn’t even touch Lord Beerus. But you still managed to wreck my whole planet while you tried!”

Goku was in the middle of a set of squats. He paused just long enough to glance at the landscape of King Kai’s planet. As small as it was, there wasn’t much to see. Aside from a lawn, there was a tree, his house, a red car, and a stone road that ran along the circumference of the planet.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about all that,” Goku said. He immediately resumed his exercises. “But I don’t see what the big deal is, King Kai. You got everything cleaned up okay. Looking at it now, you’d never know anything happened to it.”

“I’ll have you know it took a lot of work to fix this place up, Goku! Not that you’d know anything about it, since you didn’t lift a finger to help!”

“Well, if you would have asked…”

“I didn’t want you here while I was repairing everything, because I was worried you’d blow it up again! You’re the worst houseguest of all time, Goku!”

“Look, I keep tellin’ you I’m sorry about that, King Kai. Besides, it wasn’t like I blew up your planet. That was Cell’s fault! And you got it back, and he’s down in hell now, so what’s there to be mad about?”

“I’m still dead, Goku! Or had you forgotten about that too?!”

“Oh, yeah! Right. I guess that does slip my mind a lot. Oh, speaking of that, did I tell you my son is having a baby? That’s right, I’m gonna be a grandpa!”

Mazel tov, Goku,” King Kai replied dryly. “That’s wonderful news, but you shouldn’t change the subject.”

“Right,” Goku said. “I should be focusing on what I came here for. Which is trying to get a handle on this Super Saiyan God power. I figured that since you’re a god, maybe you could give me some pointers.”

“Goku, I never even heard of this Super Saiyan God business until Lord Beerus asked about it,” King Kai said. “You heard the story Shenron told. You performed the ritual. I’d say that makes you the resident expert on the subject.”

“Yeah, I know,” Goku said, “but I can’t figure out how to tap into the power like I did before. Even after it wore off, I was fightin’ Lord Beerus in my normal Super Saiyan form, which never would have worked before. He told me it was because my body ‘memorized’ the power. I can tap into it as a Super Saiyan, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working as well as it did before.”

“Goku, isn’t that what the ritual is for?” King Kai asked. “If you want to experience that kind of power again, just ask Vegeta and the others to help you do what you did before.”

“Aw, that’s no fun,” Goku said. “I wasn’t too thrilled about using the ritual the first time, and now it seems like I might be able to skip it entirely. I won’t learn anything if I keep using the others to help me.”

“Well I don’t see what you’ll learn otherwise,” King Kai said. “The answer’s right in front of you, Goku. Your martial arts skills surpassed mine a long time ago, so I can’t teach you anything, unless you want to learn some good jokes. I’ve got a whole six month curriculum on airline food if you’re interested.”

“Airline food?” Goku asked. “I don’t even know what airlines eat. Who feeds 'em, anyway?”

King Kai stifled a chuckle. “You really are a natural, kid,” he said. “With the right mentoring, you could have been a great comedian. Too bad you ended up in martial arts… Wait, what was that?”

The antennae on his hat began to twitch and vibrate. King Kai looked around in every direction, then back at Goku.

“What’s wrong, King Kai?” Goku asked.

“I’m getting a message… from one of the Kaioshin,” he said.

“You mean the Supreme Kai and his old ancestor?” Goku asked. “I haven’t heard from them in a while. I wonder how they’re doin’.”

“No, it’s not from them,” King Kai said. “This is…. Oh, goodness. It’s from the Supreme Kai of Time

“There’s a Supreme Kai of Time now?” Goku asked.

“There has been for millions of years, Goku,” King Kai said. “And it looks like… she’s coming here!”

Even as he said the words, King Kai’s pet monkey, Bubbles, began to grunt and squeal as he pointed in the direction of King Kai’s house. Goku and the Kai hurried inside, and found what looked like a young woman standing at his dining table.

“I’m sorry to barge in on such short notice, North Kai,” she said, “but there’s an emergency, both on Earth and at the Time Nest. I’ve come to ask for Goku’s help.”

“N-no problem at all, Supreme Kai of Time,” King Kai replied as he bowed repeatedly. “It’s a tremendous honor to meet you, and we’re willing to help you in any way we can.”

“Hey, I’m Goku,” Goku said, pointing his thumb at himself. “What kind of emergency is it?”

She smiled and held up a scroll for him to see. “I’ll tell you all about it. West City will be attacked soon. I’ve already dispatched a Time Patroller to intercede, but my own headquarters of Toki Toki City will be attacked at the same time. So I’ll need to bring her back to fight that battle too.”

“Time Patrol?” King Kai asked. “Er, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with them, my Lady.”

“They’re an organization of mortal warriors from different centuries,” she explained. “When they resolve a temporal crisis, I use my abilities to repair the alterations to history. So we manage to keep a low profile that way. If we do our jobs right, no one will even know we did anything.”

“Oh, I see,” King Kai said. “Then the situation must be quite precarious if you’ve revealed yourselves to us now.”

“It is,” Chronoa said. “This Scroll I’ve brought you is part of the Scroll of Eternity, a manifestation of the history of the entire cosmos. If the enemy takes control of the Time Nest, then he’ll control everything. The past, present, and future. But I can’t forsake West City either. That’s why I need Goku’s help. Luffa will need backup, and I can’t spare any other Time Patrollers to help her.”

“Luffa?” Goku asked. “Who’s she?”

“Goku, this is an emergency,” King Kai said. “The Supreme Kai of Time didn’t come all the way here for a Q&A session. There isn’t time for that.”

“Not at all, North Kai,” she said with a pleasant chuckle. “It is a grave crisis we’re up against, but we have a saying in Toki Toki City. 'There’s time.’”

With that, she took a seat at the table, and gestured for Goku to join her.

“Oh,” King Kai said. “Well in that case, maybe I should brew some tea…”

“I’ll tell you all about her, Goku,” Chronoa said with a smile. “As a matter of fact, she’s been very interested to meet you for a long time…”

[9 May, 791 Age. The Tuffle Planet.]

The rest was history. The Supreme Kai of Time had deputized Goku into the Time Patrol, and sent him to join Luffa in the defense of West City. After the battle, Goku and Luffa had returned to King Kai’s Planet to figure out their next move, and Luffa used the Scroll of Eternity left on King Kai’s dining table to return to the Time Nest. Goku, however, had been unable to join her. Instead, Chronoa had arranged to bring Goku to Toki Toki City using a wish on the Dragon Balls. The wish had been crafted to summon Goku at just the right moment, to support them when they needed him the most.

But before all of that, before the attack on West City had commenced, Chronoa had told Goku who Luffa was. According to legend, there was a Super Saiyan who arose one thousand years before Son Goku. That Super Saiyan who could only maintain the power in his giant ape form, and who was ultimately destroyed by his own power. However, the tale left out a few important details. In fact, the Super Saiyan was a woman named Luffa, who was nearly destroyed by her own power, but she survived, thanks to the intervention of the Time Patrol. Like Goku, she was brought to Toki Toki City in their hour of need, using a wish on the Dragon Balls. After that, the Time Patrol discovered just who it was they had recruited, and learned that Luffa was the ancestor of quite possibly every Saiyan of the modern age, including Goku.

The idea was appealing to Goku. He had been sent to Earth as a baby, and a head injury sustained in early childhood had left him with no memory of his Saiyan family. He did not learn of his heritage until his brother Raditz invaded the Earth, and told him that the Saiyans were a race of brutal conquerors. The encounter had left Goku ashamed of his Saiyan identity, and he spent the next decade coming to terms with it. Meeting Luffa was proof that his family line wasn’t all like Raditz. She was grumpy and moody and sometimes harsh, but she showed compassion to the weak and innocent. She was the kind of ancestor Goku could be proud to have.

When the Demigra crisis was resolved, Goku immediately challenged her to a battle, and she readily accepted. This was what led them to this fragment of time, where a dead villain had recreated Planet Vegeta in the Earth’s Solar System. Goku had no memory of his homeworld, but something about fighting Luffa in this place felt very right to him.

As for the battle itself, that had been very uneven. Luffa had expressed concerns that their powers might not be evenly matched, and it seemed that she had underestimated the complexity of the fight. At first, Luffa had proven to be much stronger in her Super Saiyan form than Goku, so he relied on unorthodox tactics for a while to keep her from overwhelming him. When that stopped working, he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, an advanced version of Super Saiyan which Luffa had never seen before. Now Goku had the advantage, and it was Luffa who was struggling to keep up.

And yet, it seemed to Goku that she still had a lot more fight left in her. What was her secret? If she had some alternate form she could use to level the playing field, then why was she so surprised to learn of Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 form? And if she had some other ace up her sleeve, why was she waiting so long to use it?

This was what held Goku’s fascination as the battle wore on. Every fight was unique, with different circ*mstances and conditions that made them special. This contest with Luffa was shaping up to be just as exceptional, even if he was beginning to get frustrated.

He had been searching the planet for several minutes now, and had found no trace of her. She had hidden her ki from him before, like at the Blinking Twelve Diner in Toki Toki City, where she met him to prepare for the fight. Goku knew a thing or two about being sneaky himself, as he had shown Luffa earlier in this battle. Still, he expected her to have made a move by now. Luffa seemed too aggressive to spend this much time playing defense.

“This is the perfect chance for an ambush,” Goku said to himself. “I’m just floatin’ around out here, leavin’ myself wide open, so why doesn’t she try something?”

“Are you looost, little boy?!”

Goku had been looking at the ground below him when he heard the voice. He quickly looked up to find a figure floating in the glare of the sun. He could sense some power in the figure, but it wasn’t much.

“What the heck are you?” Goku asked as he flew towards the figure. As he drew closer, he could tell it was one of the ki ghosts Luffa had used against him earlier. Each one could act autonomously, and they would explode on contact. And yet, this one seemed barely powerful enough to stay airborne. The ghost’s head was shaped to resemble Luffa, but in terms of power, it seemed like the sort of ki ghost Bulma or Mr. Satan would make, if either of them had the ability.

“Do I frighten you, Kakarot?!” the ghost screeched. She began to put her ghostly thumbs in her ears and flapped her tongue at him mockingly.

“Not really,” Goku said. “You seem kinda weak to me, so either you’re hiding your full power somehow, or you’re here to distract me…”

“Good guess!” the ghost exclaimed. “Why don'tcha turn your back on me and look around for any traps that might be in the area. That sounds like a good idea!”

“Heh. Thanks, but no thanks,” Goku said. “I’ve fought a lot nastier characters than Luffa in my time. I’ve seen just about every dirty trick in the book.”

He began to float around the ki ghost, allowing him to look around without allowing the ghost out of his line of sight.

“That’s sharp, really sharp!” the ghost said. “You’re nobody’s fool, Kakarot!”

“She’s stalling for time, isn’t she?” Goku said.

“I never said tha-aaaa-at!” the ghost wailed.

“You didn’t have to,” Goku replied. “I really spooked her when I turned into a Super Saiyan 2. She probably wants to get a handle on this form’s capabilities before attacking. And she probably thinks this form isn’t stable enough to go the distance.” He swung around to face the ghost from the profile and added: “Well? Am I close?”

The ghost simply shrugged and made an innocent grin.

“It’s not going to work, though,” Goku said. “I can keep up this form for a long time, long enough to defeat her, I think. And if I have to power down, I can always rest and transform again. That’s what makes Super Saiyan 2 so useful.”

“Doooo tell!” the ghost cackled. “Dooooooooo tell!”

“Sorry,” Goku said. “I’d love to stay and chat, but I think I just sensed the real Luffa down there. Even if it’s a trap, I think I’d have more fun springing it than hanging around up here.”

He powered up and prepared to fly down after her, but then something unexpected happened. A bolt of green energy lanced through the sky, and nearly hit his right arm.

“What the–?” Goku asked, but there were too many other bolts coming for him to finish the question.

“These aren’t ki attacks!” Goku shouted as he batted them aside. “What the heck is she doing?!”

As he dodged the last of the salvo, he felt someone grabbing him from behind. “Oh crap!” he exclaimed as he realized that he’d forgotten about the ghost. Goku braced himself for the explosion, but to his surprise, there wasn’t much for him to worry about. It was more like a balloon popping, but without the noise. All that was left was a cloud of glowing golden smoke.

“Enough of this,” Goku said. He put his fingers to his forehead and used Instant Transmission to intercept Luffa’s position. But to his surprise, he arrived to find nothing. Just an empty field, but with a scorched area to indicate there had been an explosion.

“Another one of her ghost decoys,” Goku muttered. “Looks like this one had more ki than that first one. So she’s trying to lure me into position, but for what? And where in the world is she?”

Another round of green energy bolts came at him, and Goku narrowly avoided one and then generated a ki force that deflected them away. He could sense nothing from the direction they had come, but now that he was closer, he could see the Tuffle city in the distance.

Goku knew little of the history of Planet Vegeta, other than various accounts of its destruction at the hands of Frieza. What little he did know was from King Kai, who gave him a history lesson while he was training for the Saiyan invasion of Earth. According to King Kai, the Saiyans and Tuffles once shared the planet, until a war broke out between them. Physically, the Tuffles were no match for the Saiyans’ power, but they made up for this with their advanced weapons technology. It wasn’t enough to win the war, but the Tuffles were able to drag out the conflict for several decades.

So if this planet was truly a recreation of Goku’s birthplace, then it stood to reason that the city was a Tuffle fortress, equipped with enough weapons to hold off a Saiyan army.

“And if I could figure all that out,” Goku said to himself, “then it’s a cinch Luffa’s way ahead of me. She’s probably been to all kinds of crazy planets. I bet it wouldn’t take her long to figure out how to shoot some of those guns.”

The city was built around what looked like a crater, or possibly a dry lakebed. Smaller buildings were clustered around the rim, while a large column of earth jutted out from the center, with an enormous metal tower rising up even further. Flying buttresses extended from all sides of the tower, reaching down to the city below like a strange spider’s web.

“Guess I’ll pay her a visit,” Goku said. “Anything’s better than bein’ out in the open waiting for her to take another shot at me.”

He charged his ki and rocketed towards the city in a streak of golden light. As he approached, Luffa took a few more shots at him, but he was too fast for her. In the end, all she did was give away her location, at the top of the tower.

“Found you!” Goku shouted as he ripped through the steel walls of the upper levels. He had sensed Luffa inside, but what he saw was not what he expected.

The entire room was filled with glowing golden smoke. Goku tried to fan it away with his arms, but all this accomplished was to spread it around even more. It all had the same unique signature as Luffa’s ki, but it wasn’t her.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Goku said. “If it was just a decoy, then who’s been shooting at me this whole time!”

As the dust thinned, Goku could see a supply crate with the lid haphazardly tossed onto the floor. It bore a Capsule Corp. logo, indicating that this was left behind when the Tuffle-infested Earthlings settled this world. The half-eaten apple and shredded MRE bags indicated that Luffa had been here very recently, and she’d had a snack while she peeked out the nearby window. Lying beside it was the rifle she had used. Goku could smell the exhaust from the hot barrel.

“She’s still here,” he concluded. “But how far could she have gotten…?”

As if to answer his question, the floor suddenly ripped apart beneath him, and two hands reached through to grasp his boots. Before Goku could react, he found himself yanked through the deck and down to the next level, where Luffa–the real thing– swung him around like a sack of potatoes.

She only managed to slam him into a few walls before Goku recovered. Then he pulled his legs free and caught her fists as she tried to attack him again. For a brief time, they stood there, fingers locked together as they stared at each other.

“Some ambush,” Goku said. “All you did was lead me right to you, Luffa!”

“I had to be creative,” Luffa said. “I decided to take a page out of your book. I can hide pretty well when I want to, but I can’t make a Spirit Bomb like you can.”

“You were right below me,” Goku said. “And you were powered up the whole time! How’d you manage to keep me from sensing you?”

“That would be telling, Kakarot,” Luffa said. “A better question is: Why am I attacking you like this when I’m still not strong enough to match your power?”

Goku forced her backward until she dropped to one knee. “I was getting around to that one,” he said. “I figured you might just save me the suspense and explain it on your own!”

“Like I said, I can’t do the Spirit Bomb,” Luffa said. “So I had to make sure you wouldn’t notice me while I was setting up the explosives.”

“The what?” Goku asked just as the floor beneath them blasted apart. Luffa was ready and she rolled with the unexpected drop and used her momentum to pull free. Goku was not prepared, and while he could apply his power to protect himself, he didn’t know which direction the attack was coming from.

“I can’t teleport either,” Luffa shouted to him from above. “But after I’m through, I don’t think you’ll be able to do it either!”

She hurled a volley of rapid fire ki blasts down onto Goku, who continued to fall as the floors beneath him collapsed. Goku covered up with his arms to protect himself, but he soon realized that Luffa wasn’t really aiming at him. As he crashed through the next floor, he soon realized why.

“Look who’s he-ee-ee-re!” screeched one of her ki ghosts. There were at least a dozen of them waiting for him, though Goku didn’t have a chance to respond. He twisted to avoid them, but Luffa’s blasts did not, nor did the debris that rained down from the floors above. The ghosts all exploded around him, propelling him downward even faster.

As he descended, Goku could only wonder how Luffa had managed all this without him sensing it. Then he remembered the ki dust she had littered everywhere. By now, Luffa’s energy seemed to be coming from every direction. Goku couldn’t locate anything with his ki senses. He wondered if that first ghost had been sent to disrupt his ability to locate her. And if that was true…

The tower seemed to be collapsing all around Goku. Normally, he might have attempted Instant Transmission to get clear, but he didn’t even bother trying it. The technique relied on his ability to pinpoint a ki signature to use as a reference point, and that was impossible now. As far as Goku could tell, Luffa might as well have been everywhere, in all directions.

There was no way out.

And so Goku covered up as best as he could and prepared to ride out the blast.

Luffa continued to rain down suppressing fire on the tower until the rest of her ki ghosts had exploded. They were all relatively weak, but their explosive power was enough to get the tower to collapse, and the sheer mass of the thing would carry the bulk of her offensive for her.

At last, she ceased fire, and alighted to the pile of rubble that lay on the butte where the tower had stood. The devastation was incredible. All of the metal buttresses that joined the tower to the rest of the city had fallen apart, collapsing into the crater around the butte. She knew little about the Tuffles, and even less about their grudge with the Saiyans, but she did find their architecture very satisfying to destroy.

“And that should hold you for a while, Kakarot,” Luffa said triumphantly. “I’m sure you’ll dig yourself out eventually, but since you haven’t already teleported in front of me to gloat, then it seems like this worked out just as I planned. And by the time you do make it out, then I’ll be ready to– huh?”

The entire butte began to tremble, and Luffa briefly lost her balance. She could sense something from below, but her own ki senses were just as flustered as Goku’s were, which made it difficult to tell what was happening. It was the sound more than anything. On top of the low rumbling, there was a faint howl, and it seemed to be getting louder.

“No,” Luffa gasped with a growing sense of dread. “He couldn’t be… Not this quickly… Not even I could…”

Her pride refused to allow her to finish the thought, and Luffa could only look down at her feet to see what happened next. The debris around her shifted and spilled down the sides of the butte, until finally the butte itself began to crack open. A thin, jagged line appeared between her feet. She stared down as it widened, and she could hear the echoes from within.

And then the scream was unmistakable. She could actually see the golden flashes down below. Lightning crackled around the entire butte. Arcs of pure ki energy rippled through the air, some dancing across Luffa’s body as they passed her by.

Soon, the crack was too wide for Luffa to straddle. Son Goku was quite literally forcing the mesa apart with his bare hands.

As impressed as Luffa was with the feat, her combat instincts demanded that she withdraw to more favorable terrain. With a single leap, she crossed the space between the butte and the rim of the crater, and took cover behind a retaining wall. Once there, she concentrated and manipulated her ki to hide herself.

She had developed the technique from working with her wife, Zatte. The Dorlun had a unique ability to manipulate various types of energy and one of her favorite uses of this power was to bend light around herself to become functionally invisible. Luffa had no way to replicate that ability, but Zatte had ways of manipulating ki energy that Luffa could imitate, however crudely.

The result was that Luffa could hide at least some of her power from other ki sensitive fighters. This could be used to keep them guessing about her true strength, or she could use a certain level of her power below the limit of what she could hide, and operate virtually undetected from adepts like Goku. She had used this to great effect in her own era, but there was another application she had rarely gotten to use in the field.

While Luffa’s full power was too great to conceal completely, it was possible for her to hide it from a single direction. This was often useless in her old life, and in Time Patrol missions, where she often had to contend with multiple hostiles at the same time. But with a single opponent, she could face in their direction and hide her power from that angle. As long as they didn’t circle around beyond the range of the effect, they wouldn’t be able to sense her presence.

A skilled sharpshooter, Zatte had been very impressed by the idea, but for Luffa it was a solution in search of a problem, since she rarely found a solitary opponent willing to stand still long enough for it to be worth the effort. But with Goku’s Instant Transmission out of the picture, her camouflage finally seemed to be paying dividends. She only had to charge up her next attack before Goku emerged from the butte.

There was a tremendous upheaval from the crater, as Goku’s aura blasted up from it like a pillar of fire. Cracks began to form in the retaining wall, but Luffa held her position, even as nearby buildings collapsed from the shockwaves.

She could not get a precise fix on his location using ki senses, but she could still manage well enough by line of sight. She swung out her arm, and fired.

She doubted her Vengeance Cannon was powerful enough to kill Goku in his current state, but it could still wound him, or at least incapacitate him. She expected him to try to dodge it, which would leave him open to a mid-air tackle, or perhaps she could lure him into the city to find more favorable terrain.

All of those considerations were cast aside when her beam finally reached Goku. He did not dodge the Vengeance Cannon. Nor did he deflect it. Nor did he sustain a hit.

Instead, he caught it.

“He can't…” Luffa said breathlessly. “There’s no way he could hold that back.”

Soon, she had no choice but to cease fire, and the beam was left at a finite length, suspended impossibly from one end in Goku’s hands. It trembled and vibrated like a red-hot filament.

Luffa should have used the moment to figure out her next move. Instead, she watched in awe as Goku set his teeth, then cried out. The lightning crackled around him and his hands glowed yellow and the Vengeance Cannon dissipated in mid-air. From there, he launched himself down to the origin of the beam, and directly at Luffa’s position.

Put simply, Luffa was too amazed to stop him. He crashed into her like a missile slamming into pavement. She had enough power to absorb most of the impact, but it was a serious blow nonetheless.

She found herself in near-total darkness. There was only the light from their Super Saiyan auras, and whatever daylight dared to follow them into the hole Goku had made. Luffa could only guess that this was some sort of Tuffle mass transit corridor. Her main evidence of this was the metal track that she was lying on. It hurt, but not as much as her ribs did after Goku’s tackle.

As she got back up, Goku was already preparing to attack again. She pitched forward to somersault under his right hook, but he was too fast and the blow glanced off her shoulder instead.

“I won’t bother asking you to give up,” Goku said. “But you ain’t slippin’ away again, either. If you want to continue, you’ll just have to slug it out with me.”

She stumbled as she got back up and raised her hands. “I’ve got no problem with that,” she said with a wide-eyed grin. “If that’s the best you can do, Kakarot, then I think I’m on the right track.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Goku asked. “You can tell the difference between our powers! I don’t know what you’ve been stalling for, but you’ve run out of time, Luffa. You’re cornered, and that’s all there is to it.”

She began to laugh. “What’s wrong, Kakarot?” Luffa asked. “Are you afraid that you need to finish this before it’s too late? Or maybe this place is beginning to jog your memories. Maybe that’s it. Maybe your mother used to ride the monorail, and while she waited for the train, she would tell you tales of the Legendary Super Saiyan, and what makes me so dangerous…”

He shook his head. “Sounds nice, but if it really happened, then I don’t remember a bit of it. You won’t talk your way out of this, Luffa,” Goku warned.

“Then bring it on,” Luffa said. She held out her hand and curled in her fingers, practically begging him to attack. “You’ve got all the answers, right? You’ve ascended beyond the Super Saiyan, haven’t you? Then prove it, Kakarot. Prove you’ve ascended beyond me.”

Goku did not hesitate to strike. But even as he did, Luffa continued to smile like she had the entire battle in the palm of her hand. He did not doubt his advantage, but when he looked into Luffa’s green eyes, something made him wonder…

NEXT: Balance of Power

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