Online Printing | Office Depot (2024)

From promotional products to presentation materials, every company needs prints that communicate a message while conveying professionalism. Needless to say, this is no job for the office printer.

When the company’s printing needs fall into your hands, give the whole office something to talk about with top-notchcustom prints ordered online. When making choices for design, printing products, and binding, it is crucial to select a reliable and high-qualityprinting serviceprovider that ensures the best results for your business.

Order acustom posteror weather-proofbannerto catch customers’ attention, or makecustom envelopeswith your company’s colors and logo for mailing your promotional materials. For handouts, consider a colorful trifoldbrochureor a singlemenu-style sheetwith tactile quality that customers can touch.

For training manuals and other in-office prints, make the binding count. Toss out the staples and go professional with spiral, comb, or tape binding. Check out these product collections curated to fulfill your company’s printing needs.

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Online Printing | Office Depot (2024)


Can you print digital downloads at Office Depot? ›

Upload your PDF file to Print and Copy Services in minutes. Preview your print job. Select paper and quantity and see your price during the process. Order in-store pickup or delivery to your office or home.

Can I print with office Online? ›

Click File >Print > Print. Word for the web generates a PDF copy of your document. Select Click here to view the PDF of your document to open the PDF preview of your document.

Can OfficeMax print from phone? ›

Designed for iPhone® and Android™ devices, Mobile Print Center by OfficeMax makes it easy for users to access, upload and print documents and images from their mobile devices and schedule items for pick-up at any OfficeMax ImPress print center nationwide.

How do I send a file to Office Depot for printing? ›

For in-store printing via self service, email your document to You will receive a document ID (valid for 24 hours). When you are in the store, use the touchscreen to enter your document ID into the self service printer to print your file.

Where can I take a digital download to be printed? ›

Printing Options
  • An at-home color printer, if available,
  • Office supply stores like Staples or Fedex,
  • Online printing shops like or, or.
  • A local, professional printing shop.

Where can I print something from my email? ›

The UPS Store offers a wide variety of printing and finishing services, including electronic file access (e.g., e-mails, CDs, USB drives), color and black-and-white digital printing, black-and-white copies, binding, collating and laminating.

Can you email to Office Depot to print? ›

Print to Store

For a quick print, come on in or email your file to our self-service printer. To print from email: Email document to [email protected] and receive a document ID*.

Where can I print from my phone if I dont have a printer? ›

Here are a few places we can suggest:
  • Public Libraries. We know what you're thinking: “public libraries have printers?” The answer is yes, well- almost always - but still a good place to start. ...
  • Print and Copy Stores. ...
  • Shipping or Courier Centers. ...
  • Your Office. ...
  • Office Supply Stores. ...
  • Buy an affordable printer.
Jan 29, 2024

Can you print directly from your phone at CVS? ›

Yes. Google Photos is available on both iOS and Android devices as well as on the web.

Where can I send a PDF to be printed? ›

CVS/pharmacy offers copy and print services in over 4,700 convenient locations nationwide. Copy and print documents or digital files at a KODAK Picture Kiosk today. We accept USB thumb drives with PDF files for printing and physical documents or hard copies for printing.

How do I print from office? ›

Quick Guide: How to Print from Microsoft Word
  1. Click the File menu and select Print.
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Choose which pages to print and the number of copies.
  4. Click Print.

Can you print PNG files at Office Depot? ›

Additionally, the My Files Service only supports the following file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, DOC, DOCx, PPT, XLS, PPTx, XLSx, BMP, and RTF.

Can you make prints from a digital download? ›

Once you have downloaded the file, you can simply print the image on your home printer, upload the file to the printer of your choice, or transfer the file to an external drive and take it into your local printer.

Can a digital file be printed? ›

Commonly used file formats for digital printing, such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, and EPS, have their own advantages and limitations. These formats impact factors like compression, image quality, transparency support, and compatibility with different software programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Can I print from a USB drive at Office Depot? ›

We know there are multiple file storage options out there, from cloud services to handheld devices. Our self-service printers accept these My Files, Google Drive, Dropbox, and USB Flash Drive.

Can you print digital prints at Walgreens? ›

Upload images right from your phone using the Walgreens Mobile App, select the size and have your Prints ready to place in an album, frame, scrapbook or incorporate into crafts. Tell a story with your images to commemorate a special occasion or trip or make a gift for someone special.

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